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Friday, April 19, 2024

STA&D Originals - Bloom #PhreshMode


            I've taken a lot of time off just letting go of production and the feeling of needing to be productive.  In that time off I've just been binge-watching junk TV like Law and Order and other procedural crime dramas.  

            I don't know what y'all do, but I find that having my mind out of the anxious zone of trying to brainstorm ideas, while keeping it mildly stimulated, really helps my mind reboot and develop new ideas.  I get motivated and I really feel like baking on creative challenges in that zone.

           The ideas have been flowing like crazy this week, and it helped to run into a few people curious about the shirts I created that I was wearing while I was out and about.

            The shirt above was inspired by a lot of discussion I've been seeing in the TikTok space in videos where people were venting their displeasure with the current state of the world and their place in it.  A lot of people are seeking a way out and a way to run away and escape the boredom and high cost of living in their current locale, and I'm sure we've all felt that way at some point.  I would like to offer the alternative though, of finding the small good things about the present situation and location.  I've heard the whole "bloom where you are" saying before this week and I've been hearing it more often.  Lo and behold, I'm going through some Canva templates and this design caught my eye because it already had the saying on it.  I just re-jigged some of the elements and this was the final design.

        I love using the Flower theme with my brands because it's all about rebirth, and rebirth and growth are constant.  The color palette is a bit different but I love the warm coloring and on a purple shirt that just feels like spring, I feel is a great presentation for the design's background.

        It's a bold shirt but life is bold and so are growth and regeneration.  I can't wait to try this one on myself.

Simon Thompson.

Check it out at the new shop I've created; Bloom  Available for men and women.

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