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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Daily Designs: Freestyle Session's "Gully" Shirt.

 I suck at computer stuff so I don't know how to get this image into the post but if you go to the following link you will see the shirt that I coveted back twelve or so years ago and disappeared from the internet on me.

If I remember correctly it was a series of team logo style shirts featuring a street theme and this was my favourite one.  It's very well done from the drawing and that upside-down triangle and the font.

For the uninitiated, "gully" was a term used back in the late '90s that was used in place of "ghetto" from time to time.  Seagulls, having a tendency to be viewed as scavenger-type, dumpster-diving birds are the perfect mascot for that type of vibe hence the term "gully".

Anyway, I've always wanted this shirt and now I've finally found it again.


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