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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Atmosphere - Wetter (Official Video) #PhreshRock #RockVision


Theme from "Moonlighting" (Pilot Episode) HQ #RockVisoin

            Kicking off this series of my top five television show theme songs will be this Al Jarreau track done for the hit television show "Moonlighting", starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard.

            Al Jarreau was a great jazz, slash easy listening, slash loungish style singer with just one of the greatest voices you'll ever hear in music.

            Back in the 70's and 80's before Netflix and blogs and the hypermedia that's out nowadays, you had the TV Guide and maybe some newspaper and magazine promo but not to the extent and reach that there is today, so you had to have a way to hook viewers and often, it was the opening theme somg that was used to lure in the numbers.  The more enchanting and enticing the theme song and whatever images used in that opening were, the better chance you had of a show sticking around..  A lot of times, viewers didn't stick around for the show itself.  I know I didn't.  I've never seen an episode of Moonlighting myself.  I wouldn't be opposed to watching it now, but back then, I was just a kid really interested in various types of music.  So very often I would stick around for the music and change the channel soon after.

            These songs really fostered my love of every form of music and helped my songwriting and visual art styles as well.  Music is very inspiring in a number of aspects and it's no wonder a lot of visual artists will have music playing in the background when they're creating and showing their work.  It helps enhance the mood and tone in both regards.

            Simon Thompson

Campus Christy - Very Complex (feat. Piya Malik) [Official Music Video] #PhreshRock #RockVision


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The New Originals - @my_buttercup_is_broken


            In this, the first interview of my 'The New Originals' series, I'm talking to my new good friend Kirsti, a multi-faceted artist who I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few months and I'm very happy that she agreed to this because she's been both inspiring and enlightening and I hope she can be the same for you.  



The New Originals @ STArt&Design

♬ original sound - STA&D
@my_buttercup_is_broken @Careen Sent me questions for a long distance interview. This is 1 of 5 #meditate #accidentalart #interview #mybuttercupisbroken ♬ I can't do this (Sped Up) - K3NT4!
@my_buttercup_is_broken Question 2 of the long distance interview with @Careen part 2 of 5. This explores my childhood experiences with at and how that influences my outlook. #interview #mybuttercupisbroken #childhood #art #ephemeral #gender ♬ dance(256762) - TimTaj
@my_buttercup_is_broken Question 3 of a long distance interview with @Careen This question explores how I first found my way to LEGO a a way to create art. Part 3 of 5 - nearly there! 😉 #art #mybuttercup #LEGO #legoart #mybuttercupisbroken #afrofuturism #ekownimako #interview #longdistance ♬ dance(256762) - TimTaj
@my_buttercup_is_broken Q4 of a long distance interview with @Careen this is part 4 of 5 part series. This question brought out what I think of as the real me. #writing #writertok #interview #mybuttercup #mybuttercupisbroken #slessor #poetry #stutter #editing ♬ dance(256762) - TimTaj

            You can check out Kirsti and her videos at her Tik Tok accounts for even more about her talents and new work.

Simon Thompson

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Top Five Hip Hop Albums - Enta Da Stage: Black Moon


            This is another design I have planned for a future shirt sometime this fall featuring the title of another one of my top five favourite hip-hop albums.  

            Forming this list was trickier than I thought it was going to be because I am a 90's head but I'm hard pressed to remember my absolute favourite songs from that time.  Everyone always goes on about how the music from their youth was the best and we all forget all of that music because it wasn't so much about the music, it was about the time.

            Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting all of these up at the merch shop in the next couple of days.

Simon Thompson.

Bain - "If I Lose You" (Official Visualizer) #PhreshRock #RockVision