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About STA&D

            I grew up loving all things art and design and if I wasn't designing my own Nike's I was drawing logos for various projects for friends and family.  Creating art in some way shape or form has always been a part of me, scattered in bits and pieces over the years of my life and on my path of self-discovery.

            I've always wanted my own clothing line. Over the years I've made various attempts at trying to start one but creating swaths of multiple prints of graphic t-shirts never felt genuine to me because while I'm a big fan of fashion design I'm a bigger fan of individuality and originality and the banality of creating a "look" for the masses to adopt isn't in line with my most authentic self.  Also, with the awareness of the impact on the environment that creating a large number of shirts in both transporting, storing, and disposing of them makes, it was important for me to find an efficient way to distribute the clothing and print on demand is efficient and much less wasteful.

            My website serves as a way for people to identify with art and design innovation, while progressively helping lead the charge to a clean and healthy environment.

            I hope that you will join me in re-discovering my talent for art and design my knack for good fashion and my love of music, technology, and matters of the mind body and spirit here at STA&D.


Simon Thompson.


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