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Friday, January 26, 2024

British Knights - Navi #FreshMode


            British Knights was a very popular import brand that found widespread popularity here in North America when I was in my early teens and had a pretty long run on the shelves of many athletic apparel shops.  

            There was a lot more variety back then, so you could really find a look for your feet that you could really make your own.

            They've tried making a comeback over the years, or maybe they just never really left but the last pair I bought back in 2008 were atrocious and a true slap in the face of the legacy of the brand.  I've been keeping an eye on them since then and every few years I'll check out what they've got in stock and what's going on with that brand lately is a true shame.  

            They've done away with any semblance of originality they once had and have resorted to making knock-offs of popular Nike models and it's very bare.

            Still, even though the model up above is truly giving off obvious Jordan 3 vibes. It's done well enough that they maintain a reasonable air of originality.

            You might get called out by hardcore Jordan heads but they look good enough to grab the attention of novice sneakerheads and the adoration of people who just appreciate well designed kicks.

British Knights - Navi

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