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Monday, September 18, 2023

Criminology Album Cover Art #IntoFreshThings


            Now, there's no way that Al Pacino would ever go for this but if I had ever had the opportunity to create an album cover for this single, this is how I would do it.

            The cover of the album had this colour tone to it so i would keep it the same with the lead single so that the viewer upon seeing it would already be familiar with it.  

            Scarface is not one of my favourite movies.  I, frankly think it's kinda overrated but the cinematography and some of the viusals and the music was very ungangster movie like.  It's a big deal in the hip hop community, more so I think to 90's Hip Hop heads than anyone else in the culture but it's still somewhat iconic just because of the that.

            I think a lot of people would have gone with the final scene where he's in his house and he's got his big machine gun and he's taking on all the intruders but I think that this photo really captures the story of the movie.  

            Whatever your opinion of Tony Montana may be, there's no denying the presence and visual virility of the film.

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