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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Album Cover Art - Lil' Louis: French Kiss #IntoFreshThings


            Once again, going with the minimalist theme, which is just my thing, for this notorious track, Lil' Louis' "French Kiss" to give it the 80's, American Psycho aesthetic that was so prevalent at he time. 

            If you were around house music back in the late 80's, you're gonna be familiar with this club banger that scandalously featured the recording of a live oral sex session.  It was recently sampled most effectively by Lil' Kim on the track she sampled it for "Custom Made".

            I thought it would be cool to use the lips in a special way to symbolize both the parts required in this very special and intimate act in the art of lovemaking to make it a wink to those who both know the track and/or know what the visual means while keeping it mysterious for those too young to be exposed to it.

            It's a great track and I think it's one of my favourite cover designs.

Simon Thompson

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