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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Night Journal 1 #RockVision

@selfaurelius That What Connections Is All About! Was one of my favourite LONS joints. Anyway, I’m glad i came up with the idea for this beause one of the main things running around in the mond before you go to bed is what you did that day. For some people doing a whole lot of nothing is a great day but for those of us who have placed a sense of urgency on our lives, productivity is a must. And everyone in every field of art feels the same so I hope those of yall struggling will be able to glean some hope and motivation from these videos as time goes on. #knowingthepathandwalkingthepath #freeyourmind #healing #healingjourney #nightjournaling #intofreshthings ♬ original sound - Simon Thompson

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