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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Into Fresh Things - Floral

Yo!  So this is the original floral print design slogan shirt that I've since re-done, of course, what's new?  I brought the lettering tighter together and put the STA&D print underneath.  

I really wanted to keep this design to myself because I think it's a little too audacious and ridiculous for most folks but I'm sure that there are a few nutty characters like myself out there who may dig it.

It's inspired by the Hawaiian shirt craze of the early 2000s and somewhat recent as well but the main inspiration for the design was Don Knotts' character Mr. Furley from the show 'Three's Company'.  I watched it as a kid a lot and I was always interested in what he would wear next.  Every once in a while he would rock something with a crazy floral pattern and I was really into those outfits so I semi-recreated it.  I didn't want to go too over the top.

I've rocked it quite a few times and I get the stares and people trying to read the print but overall I think it's been received quite well.

My favourite colours are the burgundy and navy blue but it's pretty versatile in other dark colours and even the pastels.

Simon Thompson


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