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Friday, January 6, 2023

Daily Designs: Into Fresh Things Part Two

I really need winter hoodies, because I don't have a lot of them and I really only have one with the kangaroo pouch.

At first, I was going to buy one from a label but I couldn't really find any obscure enough that had a light hoodie because I don't like sweating like a hog when I'm indoors for a few minutes, so I figure I better get one made up.

Spreadshirt is perfect for hoodies because they're not crunk and heavy and they actually last quite a while.

In the previous post I had expressed what it is "Into Fresh Things" means to me and I had always wanted to rock something with that motto on it.  The tricky part was finding the right font, which ended up not being too tricky at all.  It was as simple search in Canva, under retro, and this was the one that caught my eye as it was what I had always envisioned it looking like.

I got two navy blue with the font in yellow and one in white.

I'm happy with the mock-up and I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like.  And of course, there will b be a video so that y'all can see it for yourself.



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