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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

My First Marketplace Design. #PhreshMode


            I have published my first marketplace design and so I am now officially an owner of an online graphic t-shirt design business.  

            There will be more designs to come but this alone was well overdue because I have been in a creative funk, and a motivational slump for a while and I was holding on to the past and in denial of what I actually wanted to do.

            If you're already familiar with this site and everything, then you know that I already have design shops set up, but this will be my first design in the official store for  So it will be out in the international market competing with other brands and the designs I make for the Spreadshirt Marketplace (link on the side) will be designs sourced from various places around the internet that I revisionize.

            This design, in particular, was inspired by a line in a Noreaga track called "Superthug" in which he raps "You know I'm on the run but still rip stages, they call me animal thug when I'm in cages".  His raps are ridiculous sometimes but fun, easy, and entertaining.  

            Many years ago, I wanted to launch a line of clothing called "Gameface Athletics".  The term 'Gameface', is often used in sports to describe a type of demeanor ready for action, essentially.  I'm pretty sure that's what the dictionary definition would be.  And that's what the problem with it was.  It was a little too basic and easy, even though a lot of people liked it and I had a good design for it.  And business-wise it's just not a term you can own and trademark.  I still had the idea in mind since I shuttered it but I wanted to do something original while being inspired by the spirit of it.  

            I was always inspired by the lines in this song and I was actually going to go with "Animal Thug" but for obvious reasons, I decided it needed to be re-imagined.  I got the idea for "Animal Mug" by marrying the "Beastmode" thing that was popular a few years ago and marrying it with "gameface".  So instead of beast, I went with animal, somewhat inspired by Animal from The Muppets.  The term "Mug" is often used as slang to describe one's face.  I felt like it was way more fun than "Gameface".  I was only able to come up with that idea by letting go of the idea I originally had and letting something else grow.  The key to life is the ability to be able to deny yourself of your firmly held beliefs and embrace change to let new things grow when you want the change.

            It's not a brand, it's just a theme for the gym set.  I wanna establish similar themes for other avenues of life to help inspire people.  It's the main inspiration for my creativity.  The purpose is to inspire people.  I've always been into inspiring and helping people and it's also given me a life's purpose because I went through a dark period in life where I didn't feel like going on and I struggle with that every day but I really tap my creativity to stay in check.  To give my life purpose and I hope that I can inspire others to keep going as well.

            It was really fun creating it.  I hope y'all dig it.  And I'm looking forward to showing you what I have coming up next.


Simon Thompson.

Animal Mug Athletics


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