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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - My Creative Diary Epsiode 2.

@startanddesign My creative #diary episode 2. Getting dumped. Again. #dumped #breakup #breakups #relationships #love #lovelost #startingover #newbeginnings ♬ original sound - STA&D

I'm going to be doing more diary episodes because I want to share the aspects of my life that don't involve creating art.  I want y'all to know where the art comes from.  The pain, and the joy.  The triumphs and the losses.  Art is complex sometimes because it's a production of real lived experiences.  It's an expression of emotions and sometimes it's a search for the soul.   

I'm looking forward to sharing it all and I hope it helps you somehow if you need it and if you need someone to relate to.


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